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How Meat Producers Make the Most of H-2A Visas

Local workers simply don’t want to take on jobs in meat processing plants, on the range, or with livestock in most cases. Fortunately, some meat producers can work with H-2A visa consultants to find and hire foreign nationals who are available for open jobs.

What is an H-2A visa?

How is the visa used in the meat industry?

What is the process like for getting an H-2A visa for workers?

Even once the process is complete, employers are expected to keep employment records and follow the many laws and rules pertaining to agricultural workers. It is important to ensure all the information which was used to apply for the visa remains true and to report any changes to employment and work conditions. Employers also need to track H-2A visa payroll taxes and ensure they meet all H-2A visa housing requirements and other rules of the program.

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Who qualifies, and under what conditions?

To secure workers through the H-2A visa program, companies need to prove that they will pay a wage at least equal to the local minimum wage or the prevailing wage for the meat production industry to ensure they will not negatively impact wages for local workers. A company must also show that there is a shortage of American workers able and willing to do the job.
Employers must further be able to show that they have looked for local workers for the position but were unable to find them, and employers may be required to supply workers with housing and transportation if the worker will be away from their home overnight. Moreover, the employer needs to provide employment for 75% or more of the work period in the employment contract.
How can an immigration attorney help?

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    How Meat Producers Make the Most of H-2A Visas
    Article Name
    How Meat Producers Make the Most of H-2A Visas
    H-2A visas can help some meat producers effectively hire foreign nationals to fill open positions for which local workers are not available.
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