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Chief Revenue officer
Vas Sakamuri

At Farmer Law PC, we offer world-class communication and responsiveness to all of our clients and our comprehensive approach can simplify even the most complicated of visa programs. Regardless of how large or small your job is, we have the workforce solution for you.

vas sakamuri

As the company’s Chief Revenue Officer, Vas Sakamuri brings with him a wealth of leadership, strategy, and marketing expertise that has enabled him to drive growth in various industries across startups and Fortune 5 businesses.

With his extensive experience in management, he understands the critical importance of developing and executing effective strategies that create win-win partnerships with clients and shareholders.

His ability to identify new opportunities, build strong relationships, and drive customer value has proven invaluable to the businesses he serves. As a thought leader in this space, he brings a unique perspective which pairs well with his experience to truly drive results for clients and steer the company’s growth for years to come.

Vas Sakamuri


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Vas Sakamuri
(Vas Sakamuri)
Job Title
Chief Revenue Officer
7700 TX-71,
Ste 350 Austin, Texas , 78735